Healing Work


Holiday Simmons, MSW is trained as a social worker and has experience in crisis response, conflict mediation, and somatics with a social justice lens. Holiday is the Resident in Resilience and Healing at the Campaign for Southern Equality. He is a twenty-year veteran in leading trainings on best practices when working with LGBT people for social workers, medical personnel and other services providers, as well he appreciates any time spent with community members on grassroots workshops. He has a therapy/somatics coaching practice, offers smudging consultations, and coordinates teams of healers to create wellness spaces for frontline organizers, social justice advocates, and people most impacted by trauma and oppression.  For any of the services please contact us HERE. 

Coaching practice:
I offer sliding scale 1:1 one-hour therapeutic coaching sessions via video, or with the option for in-person sessions in the metro Atlanta area. I am currently in the licensure process and incorporate the following modalities in my practice:
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
– Trauma-informed and resilience-centered care
– Strengths-based perspective
– Somatics
– Indigenous American and African rituals and practices

Healing Team Coordination
I am in connection with a variety healers and wholistic care workers all across the U.S. who are primarily people of color and women and trans* identified, including massage therapists, reiki practitioners, yoga instructors, energy workers, tarot card readers, bodyworkers, curanderas, root doctors, medicine women, street medics, doulas, and a variety of other practitioners that are able to create a wellness space and offer their practices for gatherings of frontline organizers, social justice advocates, and for those most impacted by trauma and oppression.

Does your staff or team need a wellness day? Are you looking to incorporate Healing Justice into your conference, gathering, or membership meeting? We can help from co-coordination of the agenda to integrate wellness into the entire program, or take on the autonomous organizing work of a stand-alone wellness space as a part of your gathering.

Smudging Consultations:
I offer smudging consultations to individuals, groups, and physical spaces.

What is Smudging?
Smudging is an ancient process that various indigenous cultures from across the world have incorporated into their healing practices for cleansing physical spaces and human bodies/spirits. Different cultures have used a variety herbs, roots, and other natural materials in this process, but the common thread is to light the materials and cover the area or person with the smoke that is produced. The combination of the natural material with fire, smoke and the facilitation by a spiritual worker can help remove negative energy, welcome positive energy, and offer insight as to what the space or person may be overdoing, underdoing, or in need of.

I am Black Cherokee and have been given the gift of smudging spaces and people by my mother and others in my Native community. We primarily work with white sage, sweetgrass and palo santo as our natural materials. I have been smudging for the majority of my life and am happy to serve my communities. You may choose to have a general cleansing, or you may also opt to receive an assessment of what energies and messages come up for me while doing your cleanse. Each session normally lasts about 10 – 20 minutes. In the spirit of decolonizing healing within capitalism I don’t charge money for the smudging sessions. Instead we can have an exchange of original resources; i.e. meals, massages, gift certificates, or other services.